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The most powerful ping and trace route monitoring and statistics tool for everyone.

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:: RadarPing SingleTrack offers advanced network-monitoring features, normally only part of sophisticated solutions, to network administrators and end users in a market where a competitive product price is of great concern. Focused on statistical analysis of host latency data and trace routes, RadarPing SingleTrack offers both real-time and offline investigation of latency, ping loss and availability. RadarPing SingleTrack helps identifying network bottlenecks and upcoming availability problems as well as proving service level agreement fulfillment or violation information. It alerts on critical network events and streams all acquired data to a database for later investigation.

:: RadarPing SingleTrack is

  • easy to use
  • inexpensive
  • efficient
  • fast
  • proven

:: Who uses RadarPing SingleTrack

  • Network administrators with limited budget but unlimited need for control
  • ISP clients and internet professionals depending on high quality access
  • The download and online game community in search of maximum performance

:: Screenshots

  • Main window
  • Tracker
  • Trace Router
  • Statistics
  • :: Direct product comparison

    Check out below the comparison between RadarPing SingleTrack and Ping Plotter 2.30, a widely used ping/trace tool.

    Feature RadarPing SingleTrack Ping Plotter
    Configurable rate, timeout, packet size
    Event alerts
    Ultra-fast multithreaded tracing
    Configurable route graph
    Enhanced hop latency statistics
    Charts & Statistics
    Latency flowchart
    Average latency flowchart
    Ping loss flowchart
    Availability flowchart
    Latency distribution
    Ping loss distribution
    Individual statistics on arbitrary time periods
    User Interface
    Configuration and data storage as a project
    Help file
    Tray Icon
    Totally customizable interface

    :: Requirements


    PentiumTM Processor III or compatible (min.)
    64 MB RAM (min.)
    10 MB HD space (min.)
    Internet connection


    Windows 98/2000/ME/NT4/XP

    :: Download RadarPing SingleTrack now and try it 30 days for free.