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 10 reasons to try RadarPing
  1. Complete solution
  2. Easy to install
  3. Fast to implement
  4. Revolutionary tools
  5. Advanced statistics
  6. Multiple Alarms
  7. Low cost of ownership
  8. Sophisticated graphics
  9. Web reports
  10. Full support
 Purchase RadarPing Pro
RadarPing Professional 2.1 is now available at the online purchase store. Get your single-machine license for only US$ 399
Receive the software plus free updates and useful tools for a one-year period buying RadarPing Professional Premium for only US$ 699.

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RadarPing SingleTrack

The best ping and trace route statistics tool available for its price (only US$ 19).

  • Latency data acquisition and storage in a database - collect your data during years!
  • Real-time flowchart showing latency, ping loss and availability
  • Real-time determination of latency and ping loss distribution
  • Real-time trace route statistics
  • Powerful data browser and statistics module
  • Critical event alerts

  • :: Download RadarPing SingleTrack now and try it 30 days for free.

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    RadarPing Professional

    The comprehensive cutting-edge network monitoring tool for all business sizes.

    RadarPing Professional Lite only US$ 399
    RadarPing Professional (full edition) only US$ 599

  • Multi-threaded monitoring of hosts, services and SNMP objects
  • Multiple event alerts including e-mail, SMS and text-to-speech synthesis
  • Highly customizable web-based reports
  • Scalable multi-hierarchical vector graphics
  • Sophisticated interactive maps (CAD-based technology helps designing and sets new visualization standards)
  • Continuous storage of network parameters in a database
  • Powerful statistics module
  • Service Level Agreement, uptime, ping loss and SNMP object monitoring
  • Predefined configuration templates allow project setup times of minutes
  • Revolutionary radar-like emergency tracker
  • Powerful help system
  • Proprietary MIB-Compiler

  • :: Download RadarPing Professional now and try it 30 days for free.

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